Dec 31, 2009

I hear wedding bells...

Actually, it's true, since my daughter got engaged last month, and now copies of Brides and The Knot magazine are all over the house.

I got to thinking about how I am missing the boat in designing something for a wedding cake topper. I came up with this little sculpture of two sweet birds.

You know, the first time you make something, it's always harder than the 10th time
- and this was a pain.
The two birds are closed pinch pot forms that I modeled and joined
together while the clay was still moist.
I like how the color of the tan clay peeks thru the icy blue glaze.

I need to think of more wedding items I can make. It was a lot of fun making this one. It's newly listed in my Etsy shop, along with a few new spirit guides.

Here's the koala spirit guide in a much better photo.
He really came out pretty cute, if I do say so.


  1. The Birds and the koala spirits are so cute .I love all of your stuff....of course I have always admired your Art.I am looking at the first grade yarn art on my christmas tree.

  2. Ha-ha, I know it's you, Mom! Mentioning the 1st grade ornaments on the tree was the giveaway!!
    Love you!!

  3. Gorgeous birds. Your work is beautiful.
    I've enjoyed reading your blog.
    Best wishes and happy blogging.

  4. Thank you for your sweet words! I love doing what I do and I hope it shows :)