Oct 31, 2010

What's Going On

I've been so busy since I last posted. My mom was here for a few weeks and basically I did no clay work or anything creative for a month. Then, I got the horrible news that I was to be laid off from my job. Since I'm a single mom and the only income in my family, it's been very stressful- thinking how I am to bring in enough money to support this house. I'll try to make more income from my clay work, and hopefully, something will come around soon.

I started working on lots of sculptures and Christmas ornaments. Tons of things are drying-which makes me antsy. I wish they would hurry up and dry already! I want to start firing!  Anyway, here's a bit on what's been going on in my studio....

I've listed a few angel ornaments in my Etsy shop.  I made a batch with glazed bodies and hand painted faces like this one. There's even a little bit of gold around the halo. TI like how the angel wings came out on this one - you can see the underlying clay color under the white.

These are sold as a wedding topper set.  The birds are 3 inches long and the nest is about 1/12 across.
They make a pretty display on a cake for a nature or outdoor  wedding.  I love the mottled blue glaze on those birds!

 I've been painting lots of majolica work lately.  These ornaments are all done that way - painting colored glazes over an unfired white base- then firing them so they melt together. I think it's a fun way to get color into my work.

Sculpting a horse head for an animal spirit guide.

The sculpted horse. Still very wet clay - that's why it looks so gray. It'll fire white, though!

I made these all last night. Horse, parrot, panda, mouse, coyote, and rabbit. I was tired when these were done. I thought I'd sleep in this morning, but I was up at 7:30, again in the studio.