Oct 31, 2010

What's Going On

I've been so busy since I last posted. My mom was here for a few weeks and basically I did no clay work or anything creative for a month. Then, I got the horrible news that I was to be laid off from my job. Since I'm a single mom and the only income in my family, it's been very stressful- thinking how I am to bring in enough money to support this house. I'll try to make more income from my clay work, and hopefully, something will come around soon.

I started working on lots of sculptures and Christmas ornaments. Tons of things are drying-which makes me antsy. I wish they would hurry up and dry already! I want to start firing!  Anyway, here's a bit on what's been going on in my studio....

I've listed a few angel ornaments in my Etsy shop.  I made a batch with glazed bodies and hand painted faces like this one. There's even a little bit of gold around the halo. TI like how the angel wings came out on this one - you can see the underlying clay color under the white.

These are sold as a wedding topper set.  The birds are 3 inches long and the nest is about 1/12 across.
They make a pretty display on a cake for a nature or outdoor  wedding.  I love the mottled blue glaze on those birds!

 I've been painting lots of majolica work lately.  These ornaments are all done that way - painting colored glazes over an unfired white base- then firing them so they melt together. I think it's a fun way to get color into my work.

Sculpting a horse head for an animal spirit guide.

The sculpted horse. Still very wet clay - that's why it looks so gray. It'll fire white, though!

I made these all last night. Horse, parrot, panda, mouse, coyote, and rabbit. I was tired when these were done. I thought I'd sleep in this morning, but I was up at 7:30, again in the studio.


  1. OH You have a new bear??!!! COOL!!!! You are so great with clay,, would love to see ya in action!!!! Hope things work out for ya sweety!!! Will be thinking about you!!! HUGS and Loe from the bear lover in Sweden!!!! Annika

  2. Oh I'm sorry about the job! After 9/11 I lost my job twice in one year and it was not a fun feeling, so feel free to email me any time if you need to vent.

    LOVE your work and will own it soon!

  3. thanks! Yes, losing my job was awful. I did just start a new one a couple of days ago. so (finger crossed) hopefully it will be a good fit. Sometimes you never know till you work for a while :)