Sep 6, 2010

My Latest Sculpture - A funny Lady

Still in the wet clay stage, I thought I would share this lady I'm in the middle of sculpting. She's pretty wacky looking, isn't she? I started with a pinch pot base, added the midsection and her ample boobs.  Then I attached the arms and neck.

I made the head separately and stuck it to the neck and then added the hair. It was starting to dry out and I came up with a trick of holding a wet washcloth in my hand to keep the clay moist while working with it.

Aside from the arms and neck, this sculpture is entirely hollow. I hope (hope, hope) that it fires nicely and that my glazing enhances the piece rather than makes it ugly. I'm not really sure how I want to glaze it. Anyway, after letting it dry for a few days under plastic, I'll fire it next weekend.


  1. Saw your blog on the Etsy forums, can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. she makes me laugh,you did a really good job.Can't wait to see her finished!

  3. I love that! I'm so bad with clay and I have a lot of respect for people who make beautiful things with it :) Great job, can't wait to see how it looks finished!