Sep 4, 2010

Latest Iktomi News and fresh pottery!

   The new website is up and running! Please feel free to stop by and visit. I have links to my online shops and a little about my clay and what motivates me. I plan to add more to the website and will probably take advantage of the ability to have a blog linked to the site.


New for Fall- lots of buttons!  I have tons of buttons to list in all kinds of styles - rustic and earthy, modern and colorful, stamped, and hand painted. These are slowly being added to my Iktomi etsy shop. I have a few dozen to list, so keep checking back often to see what new buttons are being listed next!

I'm totally in love with my hand painted buttons and pendants. It's so much fun thinking up ways to add color and a little illustration to such a tiny canvas. These would be so cute added to chunky handknits or other sewing project.

Fresh out of the kiln this morning - check it out; cute little majolica ornaments with a sea life theme. I have holes on the top and bottom to hang a little shell or starfish below. I'm not sure how I'll finish these - we'll see. I used Amaco's Gloss Decorating Colors (GDC), which are designed for majolica decorating. The range of colors is wonderful, and you can use it on low fire and high fire clay.

Majolica painted angel ornaments. I can't wait to make more of these cuties. I have some super mini angels painted the same way. The minis would be perfect for a mini tree with a handmade ornament theme.

I made a few new handmade buttons in this batch, too.  In this photo you can see my new faux bois (woodgrain) buttons - and do you see the adorable little hedgehog babies? They're all sitting on my mousepad for this pic.

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