May 31, 2011

Adding a Facebook Like Button

I'm so frustrated! I've been trying all night to add a simple little Facebook like button to this blog, but keep running into roadblocks.
Apparently, in order to add the like button,you need to be 'verified' by Facebook (purportedly to insure you're not some kind of cyber evil-doer) and this is done by phone or credit card number.

Uuhhhh. Credit card number? Seriously? This is the same gigantic entity that doesn't seem too worried about my privacy and personal information. Give a credit card number- I don't think so.

So anyway, it looks like I'll have to go with a couple of the other, less desirable facebook thingies. I did manage to get a facebook like/share button at the end of my blog posts - and that was entirely due to a google search and a random dude who had it on his website.

Thanksfor listening to my rant. I promise not to do this too often. In the meantime, please come visit me on facebook!

May 30, 2011

My Before and After Product Photos

Everyone who sells online will tell you, it's the photo that sells the item. I've been working on improving my photos since I sold my first sculpture on Etsy. I've improved, but could still learn a lot. If there's one hard and fast rule I've learned, it is: take all pictures with natural light.

Here are a few of my before and after pictures. The first one is the shot straight from the camera. The second is after cropping, color correcting, and 'tweaking'.





I recently moved some furniture around and discovered to my dismay that I'd moved the table away from the sunny window where I've taken pictures for three years. I'm using the windowsill, a corner shelf, but it's just not the same. I guess this means back to the drawing board!

thanks for the visit!

May 23, 2011

Etsy Monday Finds

by etsy seller Isheely

I love the groggy clay used in these jars. So rustic and handmade-looking!

by etsy seller patkas

Of course, turquoise is my favorite color and I love my iphone, so this is a natural.

by etsy seller amethystsoap

These have been on my favorites list for a while. So pretty.

by etsy seller binduGlass

This is a stunning glass bead like all in Bindu's shop. 

by etsy seller TheViolet Sparrow

So adorable- and I LOVE the use of recycled/repurposed fabrics.