Nov 27, 2012

I had a great weekend at the Market. Sold tons of glasses including these college themed ones. I wish I had done more Texas and Alabama glasses! I could have sold a dozen more.

I also had a very good customer that purchased my two large canvases in this photo, the blue marlin and the white ibis, plus a pretty tropical fish, too. They also bought 1 1/2 dozen glasses and cleaned me out of all my mermaids and beach scenes. I'm now scrambling to paint more.

This is the display before my big sale. 

Frantically refilling my stock. 

This pretty vase is still sitting in my studio. I really need to list this on Etsy.
Oh yeah, my Etsy glassware shop is not even listed in my sidebar. Heres the link:

I have lots of these handpainted ornaments, too. Some with mermaids, some with snowmen, or palm trees. You know, I'm in Florida, so I like to make my ornaments tropical looking.

My santa girls have been super popular. I'm doing a special order where she wants to give them to her hairdresser friends, so they hold a hair dryer and scissors. That's a cute idea. You can't see the rest of their body in this pic - they have legs and are wearing high heeled black boots with fur on top - cute!

I'm trying to refill my Etsy shop as quickly as I can. If you want to contact me, you can email me at  It's getting clost to the deadline, but I still have a bit of time. Remember, shipping takes a week or so, so if it's after the 10th, you may need to pay for Priority shipping or Overnight. 
Love you guys!