Mar 4, 2010

Iktomi on the front page of Etsy

Thank you to loveartworks for putting me in her treasury which made Etsy's
front page. So pretty!

Mar 3, 2010

No clay but I can still paint!

My kiln may be out of commision, but I need to stay creative. I broke out my acrylic paints after more than a year of not painting.

I painted these two on Sunday. The bird is still in progress.

It's been fun getting back into painting, even if I'm still missing my clay.

Mar 2, 2010

Funeral for a Friend

My old kiln died this past weekend. It was old and tired, but I learned a lot with it and definitely used it well.

But hooray! - now I go kiln shopping! The one in the picture is about the size I want. Kilns are so expensive, too- around $2000 for a good, medium size. Hopefully, I'll be back to work soon!