Feb 6, 2010

Etsy Mud Team Kiln God Swap- Mine is here!

I got my kiln goddess from Teri at Terraworks.  Her goddess is so cool! I love
the earthy feel and the way it's like an ancient artifact. 
This beauty is going on the shelf next to my kiln.

Here's what I'm swapping:

My daughter asked if it was a rat or a dog. I say, it's whatever you think it is.
If it's a bit mouse or rat-looking, well, that may be because I think
of kilns being out in a workshop, garage or basement - sort of the 
realm of the mouse, don't you think?


  1. Well, she doesn't look like a ratty goddess to me.

  2. The comment you made to your daughter "It's whatever you think it is" strikes a chord with the goddess I sent you. I sold a goddess (each one differs a little - same basic shape and design) to a lady in Italy and she said she hadn't decided whether it was a cat or a owl. I had to really think about this but you know... it could be!
    Thank you for putting the kiln goddess on your blog- its a nice place to have your photo (;