Apr 13, 2010

Drink water, lose weight

As you know, drinking plenty of water is an essential part of losing weight; but for me, it's really hard to choke down 8-10 glasses a day. Here's how I manage to drink my quota of water and love doing it.

I bought one of these insulated mega sized mug at my Weight Watchers meeting. I saw all these ladies carrying these mugs and I finally got one, too. It's great. It holds 32 ounces; is insulated so it never sweats; has a sliding open/close top; and a big plastic straw. The only downside is the cheezy Weight Watchers logo on the side. Seriously, do they think people want to show that they're on a diet?

I squeeze a half of an organic lemon, add 2 or 3 Splenda packets, ice and water to fill to the 32 ounce line. Awesome! I just top it off and add the other lemon half when needed. This is so much better tasting than a prepared mix and good for you, too. I try to drink one before lunch and one after.

Find your local weight watchers ( about $6.00) or find on eBay ($10 and up).


  1. Sounds refeshing AND filling! I like to crush a sprig of an herb and put in my tall metal water bottle at night and freeze it. My favorites are lemon verbena, or sage, or orange bergamot. They don't even need sweetening.

  2. Good luck on your diet! I'm going it alone. It's hard for me to drink water at work because they keep it so cold here, I just start shivering. I don't like the mixes either, but I did find one I like-Propel (grape), it's pretty mild. They're usually so sour!