Apr 23, 2010

My Hedgehog on Etsy's Front Page

That's a fun treat! I like the eclectic mix of items in the collection, 
and I'm happy with my blue hedgehog's central location. Thanks, Etsy!!

I have lots of new greenware (not yet fired clay) that's about to go in the kiln. 
I hope you like what I'm working on ~ a bit of a departure for me, a new line and 
a bit more nostalgic ~ you'll see.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your new line! As I perused the front page and admired the well crafted, handmade itmes, those SHOES stood out...too much of Etsy has slid into reselling. If it can't honor the handmade, unique items it will be no better than Ebay. Your hedgehog rightfully got center stage!

  2. Congrats!! Love those cute lil hedgehogs!!

  3. Gawd yes, the shoes. What the heck happened to handmade?