May 3, 2010

Painting + Pottery = Majolica

Majolica is a pottery decorating method that combines the best of both worlds, painting and ceramics.
With a coat of white glaze as a canvas, colored glazes can be painted much like watercolors. 
True majolica ware is earthenware clay glazed with white tin glaze, painted with metallic oxides or fritted
glazed.  The oxides were painted on the unfired tin glaze which absorbs pigment like fresco, making errors impossible to fix, but preserving the brilliant colors.

 My version of majolica is created with stoneware, in addition to earthenware. I also use a 
white glaze instead of the traditional white tin glaze.
I like to see pottery that retains the hand of man, or in my case, woman; imperfect, crafted, - original.
I sometimes have to remind myself not to try for perfection when creating my pottery. I don't want
anyone mistaking my hand built work for something poured from a mold. These plates enjoy a real handmade look.
To someone who loves to paint as I do, making majolica ware is the perfect blend of pottery and painting.

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