Jul 25, 2010

A little break from clay

Drawn on vellum with technical pen and ink
I started a few illustrations over the last two weeks as jumping off points for an idea I have for printed kitchen linens. This drawing of a girl with a tray of cupcakes is based on a vintage 1950's illustration. Originally, she was dressed in a long gown, wearing boots and holding a broom. She was a lot uglier in the original, too. I think gave her a sweet, fifties innocence.

I drew the girl and the saying on two separate pieces of paper, so I can later scan each into the computer and merge them there, adjusting the placement as I go. I'm going to finish that larger cupcake, too, don't worry!

I even broke out my long neglected watercolors and painted this little folk art girl. She reminds me of a cloth doll I made last year. I kind of miss my doll making; I love going through my stash of felt and fabrics and picking things that work together. This little painting is about 6 x 10. 

Watercolors sketches

Itsy bitsy hedgehogs are taking over my laptop!
The last pic is a shot of the tiniest of hedgehogs I've made so far. I actually made these from clay that was left out for a while and was in danger of getting too hard to do much with. Plus, I was distracted with a program on the little TV on my table. They look pretty cute. I like them displayed as a herd. What do you think?

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  1. Now these i LOVE!!! Wish i got that picture take of the hedgehog in my yard!!! it was gone when i got back with the camera!! ;0(