Nov 26, 2010

Easy Holiday Food Gifts to Make

I love to get homemade food as gifts during the holidays. Giving gifts from the kitchen is really a fun way to get creative and save money, too. Hereare a few ideas to get you started~

Cookie Mix in a jar by

Kumquats in spiced syrup from Cooking Light

Homemade Lollipops

Chocolate dipped pretzels from Good Housekeeping

Obviously, a pretty container adds a lot to these kind of gifts.  You can use plain old mason jars for mixes or jellies and even find pretty containers at the grocery store or at Walmart. Let your imagination be your guide! Add a simple hand written label or hang tag cut from colored paper, and you have a gift that's truly memorable and appreciated.

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  1. WOW Looks cool!!! Cookie in a jar looks cool ,,, PLEASE SEND ME ONE!!!! hehehehahahahahohohoooo!!! HUGS!!!