Jun 2, 2011

Make A fun and Easy Hand Embroidery Wall Hanging

Hand embroidery is one of my favorite pastimes when I'm not working in clay. It's also a hot trend right now, with websites like Threadbanger.com and Sublime Stiching making embroidery cool with fun, edgy designs that appeal to today's crafter.

One really easy craft to make is an embroidery hoop wall hanging. Basically, this consists of an embroidered fabric glued into an embroidery hoop. The backside of the hoop can be finished with a circle of fabric or felt covering the edges of the glued fabric.

I like to design my own patterns instead of buying them online, but if you feel artistically challenged there are lots of places on the internet where patterns are available, both free and for a fee.

In my Red Riding Hood and the Wolf piece, you can see the pencil marks where I transfered my design. This will wash out easily when I'm done stitching. I like to use a No. 2 pencil to draw the design on the fabric.

I like the look of linen, and instead of paying premium prices of $14./yd or more at a fabric store, I use repurposed fabrics from clothing I've bought at the thrift store. Cotton floss is the most commonly used thread for hand embroidery, and DMC is the best known brand that you can find in any craft store. There are also online resources where you can buy supplies and books.

Inexpensive bamboo embroidery hoops cost just a couple of dollars, and you can use the same hoop for both embroidering and displaying your work. Simple stitches like the running stitch and stem stitch are enought to give your design that contemporary folk art look is so popular right now.

When you feel like you're designs are good enough to be sold,check out Etsy as a place to sell your new crafts.

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