Sep 9, 2011

I joined

I was accepted to join this week. It's a juried site to list your wholesale items to buyers who register for the site. I've talked to a few people who've sold a lot of their work there, and some who've not done so well. I'm optimistic about it. My kind of work isn't found there, so it might be a good fit for me. The juror comments were kind, although one of them suggested I lower my minimum order (in this economy). 

I'll be working on that website in the next few days, hoping to get it ready for Christmas orders. Then, next week, my daughter Alex is getting married! Next Saturday she will be a married woman. Wow, the time flies. You never imagine when your babies are little that they'll eventually grow up and marry- yet they do.

My mom is coming into town and we have plans to make lots of clay art together- although we'll probably spend a lot of time just talking. I really enjoy that and it's what makes family visits worthwhile. Well, back to work. I'm getting stuff in the kiln this morning and I have some experiments with glaze and surface decoration to try out.

  Oh, here is a trick I came up with to carry my things to the kiln. I'm always hunting for a box or something to carry my unfired ware to the kiln. I came across plastic milk crates at Walmart for only $2.50 (college dorm stuff on sale). I cut a piece of foam core the size of the bottom, then added a layer of foamy, non skid shelf liner. It works great. Now my heavy ware isn't in danger of falling out of my hands or scratching up in a box, and small stuff can be fitted in easily too. Love it!


  1. I can't wait ,to get there and have some funtime together.

  2. You didn't sign your post, so I have no idea who you are :)