Nov 18, 2011

Fall is Finally Here!

Here on the gulf coast of Florida, we really don't have the four seasons. I like to say we have two seasons; the brown season and the wet season.  The little bit of fall we do have is usually a week or two that preceeds Thanksgiving, and then it's straight into the brown season.

I woke up this morning to a nice cold snap, and even though it warmed up to 75 degrees this afternoon, it occured to me we were in the throes of our mini-fall season. There's even a tree in front of my house that has leaves that are a tinge of red. Too bad they'll turn brown in a week or two. It's okay, though. I'll take this little bit of autumn rather than have none at all.

Snowflake ornaments painted with cobalt blue oxide.

I'm a little sad that my daughter has moved out of town. She's living in Biloxi, Miss with her new husband, and even though she'll be home for Thanksgiving, it's not the same as having her here all day and sitting down for a big meal. On top of that, my son will be going to his dad's house for dinner, so it's probably just me here all day. Talk  about an empty nest! 
I think we've decided to have coffee and a little breakfast together, then maybe I'll just go shopping!

I must be going nuts, because I bought a turkey - a 10 pounder. You can't find a tiny turkey; I know, I tried.  Looks like we'll be eating a lot of turkey for a while. Maybe it's really my denial of having no Thanksgiving  dinner that made me do it. Crazy, huh?

Blue and white cobalt oxide  painted ornament.

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