Aug 27, 2012

Making While the Hurricane Churns

While I'm writing this, I hear the hammering from across the street where my neighbors are putting up the plywood in front of their windows in anticipation of Hurricane Isaac.  We live in Navarre, Florida, just 30 miles from Pensacola - in northwest Florida.

I have my south-facing windows boarded, and the yard cleaned of anything that can become flying missiles in 100+ miles per hour wind, but other than that and a full tank of gas, that's all I'm doing to be prepared. Some people have bought generators, ice, gas, propane, batteries, canned food, water, etc. Not us. We are optimists!

Nope, instead I've been in my art room, sewing adorable little felt ponies and unicorns. I'm working on my next feltie pattern, and besides, this is SO much more fun.

I almost have the last pony done; a winged horse, and then the pattern for all of these will be sold in my shop on etsy.
Can you see those awful reading glasses? Do you notice there's only one arm? Im pretty sad, aren't I? those are the best for me because they're kind of a middle range, and I use them when I'm around the house. I hate wearing my contacts all day because when I sew or do any kind of close work, the contacts still make it all blurry. The readers do, too, and I have to take them off for anything closer than 1 foot from my eyes. Getting older sucks!
So anyway, I run around the house with these on, and if I have to go outside or answer the door, there I am, with my crookedy glasses with only one arm, hair pulled up in a clip on top of my head and a comfy housedress or tshirt on. So very artsy looking (or bag ladyish, in reality).
Oh, I hear the wind picking up in gusts outside. Not a good thing. Maybe this is the last chance for a trip to the store for a bottle of wine.  If you don't hear from me in a day or two, don't bother to send out searchers, just send more wine.


  1. These are so charming! My daughter and I want to make them :)

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  3. Beautiful! Where can I find/purchase a pattern for these? Thank you!