Jan 31, 2010

Choosing flooring for a DIY project...tough!

My carpet is nasty and needs to go.
I think I finally found something that will work with my tiny budget and is easy enough for me to do myself!  It's Allure flooring by Trafficmaster. Check out the photo below:

You can see where I took a few strips out of the box and laid them next to each other . This color is golden oak. On top is the sample board for the other one I like, light teak.

What I like about this stuff is that it's basically an interlocking vinyl system that comes in planks that you stick together. You score and snap the planks so no saw is needed, and they make a waterproof barrier over the floor. Plus, it's only $1.79 a square foot and I can do a room or two at a time. 

Alex (daughter) doesn't like the light teak at all. She says it's too yellow, to which I agree a little bit, but I like the fine graining compared to the oak. Did I mention Allure has an embossed grain pattern like the higher end laminates do? It looks very realistic.

Her first choice and my second is the blond maple in the center of the swatch card and on the photo.
I like that a lot but I'm a bit worried that something so light will show dirt and limit my future
decorating choices. However, my house is so small - more of a cottage, really- that 
anything darker than the oak would make the house feel even smaller.

I want to take advantage of my coastal location and decorate in a breezy, florida style, so maybe the blond maple is best, I don't know. Let me know what you think. I could use some second, third, and fourth opinions!


  1. Blond maple for the beach look, it is! A friend of mine installed this in her trailer down in Boca Raton and it came out super. It buckled in one area, but she was able to work it out so it was nice and smooth. Looks fantastic too. Go for it! Although, I prefer tile myself. Tiles are more Floridian.

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  3. Hi Laurie!
    I can't afford tiles just yet! I can do it for about half the price and maybe in a couple of years I can do tile. I'm glad to hear of someone who used it and it looked good :)

    -that post I deleted was my own. I posted without logging in. No drama!