Jan 14, 2010

Vintage Postcards

Check out these wonderful old postcards I bought
from Etsy seller Savannahsmiles4U.

I love the linen finish and how they are so crudely retouched in places.
I'm going to frame them and hang them in my house. I live in Florida, so I thought
I should embrace that. Besides, I love anything vintage Florida ~ Highwaymen paintings,
kitschy motels, orange stands on the side of the road, and all that. Im  not
into antiques at all, really, but vintage Florida really calls to me.

On the back of the flamingo postcard (sent from Miami Beach in 1942), the address doesn't
even have a zip code.
It's funny to think that at one time there were so few people in the US
that you could just write the city and state
and someone would get it to you- and bring it to your door.

If you have a secret crush on kitsch or tacky antiques, let me know
so I'm not alone!


  1. So cool! I'm into Florida as well, especially palm trees, beach scenes, flamingos, etc.