Aug 17, 2010

Get In the Kitchen!

I've been intrigued with kitchen gadgets lately. I don't know, for some reason, when I go to Target or Walmart, I stand in front of that wall of kitchen stuff transfixed - as if all my foodie dreams have come true.

Look! a strawberry huller! Oh, I can picture the delicious shortcake already. I should get that, might need it in case a midnight urge to have strawberries and cream overcomes me. Hey, what's that- a mandoline? Oh, no thank you. The last time I tried that, I took off the tip of my finger. Yes, on the first carrot. It went into the trash immediately. But say, now. There's a lemon zester- so tiny, so cute. I know I had that recipe that called for lemon zest and I had to resort to a grater. I should really buy that...

 You know the story. I have a drawer full of little items that I've bought that I rarely use. Still, I love kitcheny things.
Oven Mitt by Different Folks
 This oven mitt by DifferentFolks is fun and modern looking. I love the hugging salt shakers. Too cute. I love how you slip your hand inside them.

Salt and pepper shakers are one of the most collected items and it's not hard to see why when you look at these crazy vintage duck shakers. Probably fifty years old at least, these made in Japan beauties have the right mix of kitsch and sweetness. Available from DianeA and a steal at $12.00.

From my glass fusing days, I'm still in love with kiln-formed glass. These are some of the prettiest spoon rests I've ever seen. Layers of colored glass are fused together to make a functional piece of art. I think you could match just about any kitchen color scheme with this selection. Available from Kristysly.

This tiny stoneware bowl is one of mine, that I think is perfect to use as a small prep bowl or salt cellar. You can hand wash it but the dishwasher is not recommended. I hand painted the birds in glazes, so they never wash off. I use these kind of tiny bowls all the time for all kinds of things. Some just to hang around the kitchen and look nice. Available in my Iktomi shop.

Check out this laptop stand. The only thing I wonder is if I'd remember to change the settings so my computer wouldn't 'go to sleep' after 5 minutes. It's a pretty cool idea, though. Get it through Amazon.
Yikes, this looks scary. It's a citrus reamer. I know, I know...
Anyway, you want to be the first on your block to own one of these slightly dangerous looking gadgets, don't you?  I know I'm tempted. If nothing else, just to show it to friends.
Hey Carl, got any citrus needs reaming? Check this out! 
From Art and Cook, various department stores.


  1. Nice! I love kitchen gadgets :)
    The laptop stand is pretty neat too.

  2. Love it!!! I have this thing you take the stem off the strawberries,,, cool!! I'd love one of those bowls you make!!(am I begging?) Luv ya kiddo!!!

  3. I saw the cutest kitchen compost bucket today at TJ Maxx for only $16. It was big enough to fit on the kitchen counter and had filters to keep it from getting "smelly". I almost bought it!!