Aug 19, 2010

Looking for Creative Inspiration

      When I'm looking for inspiration, often a magazine will get my creative juices flowing. I spend a lot of time in bookstores, so I'm pretty familiar with what's on the shelf. When I do come across something new, I  get excited. I wanted to share a couple of discoveries. These magazines are full of color and style - fun to look at and chock full of inspiration.

The French version of Marie Claire is a new favorite of mine. Nope, I don't read French, but that's okay. This is the DIY Marie Claire and although pricey at $9.00, it was fun to see what's new and trendy in a European market.

Here's a page inside. I like these takes on a nautical look. 

Stampington, the stamp company, put out this card sampler magazine. I like card magazines for ideas on layering and pattern. It's also great for coming up with color ideas. Lots of good ideas, but leans heavily toward the 'cutesy'.  Expensive. I probably will skip this one next time, but you might like it if you're a stamper or card maker.

A page from the sampler book. If you don't want to design, I guess you just copy these.

CMYK is an art mag geared toward the design and illustration crowd. I love this one. Lots of really good design that will take your mind into new directions. Another one like this- probably even better- is Communication Arts. These are also keepers. You can go back over and over and always see something new.

How could you not be inspired by these adorable animals on these beer labels?

If you want exotic style and color, try Hawaiian Style. I love this magazine, because looking at the wonderful photos just makes me drool. Great photography and amazing homes make this a joy to read. 

Look at these pretty rooms! Don't you wish you could be there?

Now, remember, the purpose of looking in magazines and books is inspiration - not copying. I find, if I look at the photos a while then put it away, I create something from within me, not just a straight up knock off. Isn't that the best way to go?
Now go forth and make things!! ~~~~

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